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We use to suggest the home remedies to cure From the problem and use to deal with ayurvedic medicine. Get free consultation to us and we provide to you best treatment

Herba Medicare :

A Platform For Sexual Disorders………..

herba Medicare is a purely herbal-based naturopathy platform blended with modern knowledge where we have been curing millions of patients from every nook & corner of the world every year for the past ten years.

Our Work :

We Believe in Keep You Safe…….

Herba Medicare is the cumulative result of a team of dedicated doctors, Hakims, Herbalists, professional pharmacists, chemists, and a large number of health workers.

Herba Medicare teams work 24 ×7 hours and are at your disposal any time and day.

Our products :

Through keen research and perfect knowledge of ancient Unani & Indian medicinal books Herba Medicare has brought to you a complete and consummate range of herbal products targeted at men’s sexual health, women’s sexual health, general fitness, and wellness among others.

Ailments Treated:

Men's -

◉ Small penis size

◉ Short penis insufficient penis girth 

◉ Erectile dysfunction

◉ Premature ejaculation y

◉ Lack of sexual interest 

◉ Anorgasmia

◉ Infertility

◉ Oligozoospermila

◉ Azoospermia 

◉ Low motility of sperm, etc.


◉ Loose and insufficiently stiff vagina

◉ Small and ungainly breasts

◉ Menstrual disorders

◉ Vaginismus 

◉ Anorgasmia

◉ Dyspareunia

◉ Leucorrhoea

General fitness and wellness

◉ Baldness

◉ Obesity 

◉ Underweight 

◉ Malnutrition

◉ General weakness

◉ Melancholy

◉ Depression, etc

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